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Saturday, January 2, 2010
Title : Part Of That
Time : 8:29 PM

i am a part of something. Just not that something i wanted. not anymore.
Friday, January 1, 2010
Title : The Start
Time : 1:00 PM

well, its finally here. i cant imagine but well, the years passed. and im okay. i'll live, & whatever happens this year, i'll make it my best. with or without expectations, noone gonna take my year away from me, not my dad or mum, or anyone. i'm gonna dream, and dream big. and i know, no matter how great this year is gonna be, nothing can beat last year. (: i love everything about it. anyway, i have many happy moment last year. and funny too. i cant tell you all the stupidd things that happened., ahahaa and the most important thing of all, is accomplishing my resolutions.
Wednesday, December 23, 2009
Title : waiting for yesterday
Time : 7:55 PM

i wish everyday can be like today. Bestest days of my living life. (: he gave me shoes for Christmas. Lucky me baby, :D now we have the same pair, i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuu. ♥ pretty. tiring but paid off. DOOMS DAY in t minus 14 hours. God bless us one and all.
Monday, December 21, 2009
Title : cranky
Time : 10:11 AM

KAYAKING? TOUGH JOB. unbelievable. currently in Port Dickson. woke up at 9-ish apparently. My babe confirmed it for me. going home around lunch. funny funny 1 day 1 night trip. was walking around a mall ystd, bought bubble tea. it had the tea, the jelly, BUT NO PEARLS. effing dumb. and then we ate burgers by the beach right. and my bro forgotten to mention. NO KETCHUP. so there was so damn alot of ketchup. And so, he was forced to eat ketchup-ed burger. haha. lame man. anyhow. ate dinner. got damn full. :D can still taste the crab on my tongue. yums. ladada. and I've been a David Archuleta fan. His hits, (a) Somebody Out There (b) Save The Day (c) To Be With You (d) Waiting For Yesterday. Gahh, loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee all over again. anyway, school's starting i haven't get my books, uniform, and/or shoes. god. Love you Saint.
Friday, December 18, 2009
Title : Animated Love
Time : 8:48 PM

i know i can go through this. i'll learn the lesson i've been teaching others. my turn to grow up. face the world. be who i wanna be, who i was meant to be. not even you can hold me back. i'm sorry my dear love, for i constantly leave you behind. the holidays grew on me and you slowly grew apart. I'm going Port Dickson on sunday, coming back on monday. i'll miss you. as in i wont be able to see you. like i go down the elevator while you go up, i missed you on the way down? that kinda i miss you. but for now, i miss you miss you. those kinda miss you, the one with the heart shapes floating around it.
Title : hit the clock twice, it'll turn back 2 minutes
Time : 4:59 PM

i was staring at my window. and i saw this bug walking backwards. why didn't it just turn back and walk? anyway. my dad is so uber mean. he said he was surprised that i could do a 3D model. then i respond, ouch you're so mean. and he says why? surprise is good. GOD, meaning he didn't thought i can do it. I'm sad. D; one plus one is one. i wish. that's all fiction,. one plus one is TWO. and soon, three, four and so on. meaning. i cant turn back the clock. however i try to. not including taking out the battery or turning the hour hands. i cried last night. knowing that all i have left is this few days. after that, nothing is gonna be the same. I'm running outta time.and time kidnapped you away from me. come back; turn back.
Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Title : dear blogger
Time : 11:03 PM

i am sad. i am sad because about a year ago i companied you to that one place, and that one place i want to go with you again. it wasn't any ideal place for a date. or a romantic setting. but it was something we did. and it is something i want to do with you again. taking your granddad to UH. i am sorry i went ahead and planed to go uninvited. but i really thought you'd want me to be there. i know now, and it's okay. I'll stay at home. once again, and always be, just home waiting for you.
Monday, December 14, 2009
Title : i know all about shortcuts, you like shortcut
Time : 6:16 PM

OMG. what is wrong with everything. it seems like time is passing too fast. everything is running away from me. i need time to just rewind (36x) . or maybe set on pause. shhittss. lord. hooww? i need to get a grip. "got me singing na na na na na everyday, like my ipod stuck on replay" please. i need it to replay. you going away too fast, too soon. I'm not ready to grow up yet. i just can't. next year is around the corner. you're going of to college. I'm in high school. boy, time flies. anyway, it doesn't matter our distance, our believes, where we're from, we speak one language. me & you. we speak love. haha and English.
Sunday, December 13, 2009
Title : Him
Time : 10:17 PM

everybody, please check out his blog <3 www.likemonkeyslovebananas.blogspot.com
Title : crash & burn
Time : 9:53 PM

sometimes, everything around me makes so damn angry. why. I DON'T KNOW. i just get angry. i don't mean to. but ya. i get angry/. especially when i get angry at him. i don't want to. but sometimes i cant take the grieve and have to get angry and strut my anger, i'm sorry dear. i never meant to hurt you. haih. i don't understand people, and feelings. emotions. it kills us. it kills our values. how someone with so much pride and dignity can yet with a single tear flush everything down the drain. it's pathetic. this is pathetic, i like to cry, it heals the heart, but yet, i can only cry in hiding. shelter my pain to myself. i cry in vain.. okay lets lighten the mood. (: two days back, my mum was complaining about a performance at a restaurant, how the Micheal J mimic always sing the same songs, and she was saying, he never sings the song i like, err, "PHILIP". so my sister and i was thinking, you mean "BILLY JEANS" . Guess what, end up she meant, BEAT IT. haha.
Saturday, December 12, 2009
Title : better than me
Time : 2:32 PM

sometimes the best is to do absolutely nothing at all. after all, i am lazy.
Friday, December 11, 2009
Title : stupid is a mean word
Time : 3:24 PM

conclusion. He says big and fat things remind him of me. because, well i like big and fat things. WRONG. i like FAT things. not big. who give a shittt about big? haha. anyway i am 100s of kilometres from home. and i miss you so. weddings make me emotional. i feel trapped in this pathetic little room, and the walls are like closing in on me, i can only see light. and the light too is dimming away. cut a cross through my heart, bleed a million love yous'. now as i go on the routes to where i have to be, i wonder what you are doing at the roads that take you away from me.modesty is hypocritical. we lie about everything. everyone lies about anything. we only do that cause we're human, but i never want to lie to you. cause that's the way to be. i may lie, but never the less, will tell the truth. i love him. i love you.
Thursday, December 10, 2009
Title : you will always find your way back home
Time : 10:53 PM

dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, current status:bored. well in home town. just got back from a pre-wed dinner. gosh. i miss him. he's in pasar malam? and why. i dont know, anyways. i went to pasar malam a couple of weeks back to meet up with this same cous that is getting married. walked like mad, all i rmb is PAIN. hysterical pain. one thing just like ALL PASAR MALAMS'. They all DO NOT SELL PORK. why? i also dont know. ish. i feel discriminated. haha,. altho i rarely go to Pasar Malam. still? i WANT PORK. :D i like pork. you hear me i like PORK. Muslims you are so missing out on one of life's reason to live, TO EAT PORK. gahh. pork. he likes pork too.
Wednesday, December 9, 2009
Title : hunger to strive
Time : 10:21 PM

i'm going away again. gah. cousin's wedding. well. hooray more people in my GIGANTIC family. gonna go on the road head on to Perak and well. never come back. or it seems so. i'm coming back on sunday. and best part is he just finished SPM and crappp i can't be here to celebrate with him. i'm gonna miss him. poor thing. anyway, what is it with people and having the influence to worry? For an example right. okay, i've got the flu. "oh noo. stay away from me" or shot i lost my wallet, "omg, is anything i gave you inside?" just saying that, we shouldn't worry at all that much, life's life. live it.
Saturday, December 5, 2009
Title : till the end of time
Time : 9:56 PM

when you understand. you will understand. that nothing can stand in your way when you do the right thing. don't run from your problems. face them, be strong. cause i love you a life long. and you cant just disappear from my life, I'm gonna live at least some time and well, i need to spend it loving you. please, don't do anything rash. it doesn't work that way, no matter how much you think it will. it won't. let me help you. let me save you. let me. let it be me. don't leave me. ever. ___________________________________ anyway, everyone, I'm going to hell. lets be clear, i have 2 toothpaste in my toilet. One Darlie and One Sensodyne. And 2 weeks ago, i accidently drop the darlie toothpaste cover on the floor. and didn't pick it up, well cause i use the sensodyne one. just now i check. and it's still there. sooo going to hell. loves <3
Thursday, December 3, 2009
Title : funny makes my world go round
Time : 9:28 PM

BACK from "fabulous" Phuket. (: alot of funny things happened. and was addicted to i wanna touch you- AAR || but mostly, i just miss him alot. and fuck you hotlink. finished 60 bucks in 10 mins. 2buck per sms, 3 bucks per min. SCREW YOU. i bought a local simcard instead. officially, broke. but its alright. i'm just glad to be home. i'm just glad i can finally see you again. i'm okay now.
Saturday, November 28, 2009
Title : go to hell
Time : 11:17 PM

my heart is contented. he finally said his goodbye. with about 6 hours to spare. I'm gonna miss you sunshine.
Title : new moon
Time : 7:51 PM

"you want me don't you?"
"i don't want you"
"well that changes everything" `Twilight Saga 2: New Moon
i am so sick and tired of you. stop playing a fool with me. i am not a toy. all i wanted was a long goodbye. 11 hours till Phuket. you hurt me. i thought that when i were to leave later, that i would be leaving you behind. but. not anymore. not now, when i leave later, you left me behind. and yet you're on your way to see me.
New Moon on the 27th was, awesome. Total chick flick. cried 6 times. when i was waiting for my mum to fetch me home. waited for 4 hours. i noticed something all around me. how, a person, anyone, smiles when they come close to contact with their love ones. whether its a phone call or a text, or a glance. i know all you suckers out there smile every time you receive an sms from your ahems* haha.. anyways. i'm not that happy lately. and its okay. i'm okay with it. p.s- one condition, marry me.
Thursday, November 26, 2009
Title : you open my eyes.
Time : 9:58 PM

i was watching tv with him.. and this stupid advertisement of some lame Chinese drama played. it had some cool Chinese name but the English name was Cinderella man.?............ what?O.O that got me thinking. does that mean, in the movie, the dude is the MAID? haha,. sorry. that's not my point. I'm just saying. i can be his prince if he's Cinderella, cause well.. i wouldn't mind if he needed me to save him. cause i know he would save me. but for now. I'm Cinderella and he's my Prince
Monday, November 23, 2009
Title : feeling like
Time : 3:36 PM

i dont get it. why do people always ask me to make calls for them? call maxis, call GSC, call the travel agencies. call this, call that, why cant you call yourself? i gotta go make a call after this. anyway. this damn cough is still here. bloody. crap. ): and i miss himmm. and my hermies make alot of noise at night! cant sleep..... bluekkk. but. i guess, most of all. i just want it the way it was. xoxo
Sunday, November 22, 2009
Title : say you're sorry
Time : 10:05 AM

Omg. i went shopping with Mel ♥ on friday. spent 500. O.O Shittt. Bought xmas pressies for Kristie, Little Sis, Bro & Him. <3 Anyhoo. Everyone in my family is ill. & Phuket is in like, 7 days. :@ craps................. anyway. I have 7 HERMIT CRABS now. : Formen, Hermon, Terence, Swirlley, Jeans, Jesse & Harriet. ♥ Love love love them. Baby got SPM and yet he's slacking. damn. please help him pass this. Thank you Father. xoxo love for life.
Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Title : upon another rainbow
Time : 9:21 PM

hadddddddddddddd a fantabulous day today :D
i miss you already aileeeeeeeeeen
& my darling, showed up for a pre-spm visit. (:
good luck baby, i hope all the best for you.
i cant sign in facebook. I CANT!
damn. and stupid SORE THROAT still here.
bloddy f**
not my day after all/.
i started to tweet. (goooo twitter, whee pee! -.-)
Monday, November 16, 2009
Title : i will follow you?
Time : 4:27 PM

SHIT* my sore throat is not leaving. damn. stupid way to start my holidays. anyhoo, i'm going fabulous Phuket. er, not so fabulous. but it beats this dump i'm living at. gosh. i miss school weih. erm, the people at least. i miss vic♥. Kristie♥ and, of course the daily faces `jen,strid,jer,jee,mae,lis,jo,manda,fan,amer. (happy?) :P and, most of all i miss him. and SCREW YOU PUAN RUTH. BITCH FACE KICKED ME OUT OF SCHOOL.
Friday, November 13, 2009
Title : on the white horse;
Time : 3:41 PM

omg. he's here.
Title : White Horse;
Time : 3:30 PM

know how suck it feels to be sick.
puffy nose, beat up throat,
dont want to mention my voice.
*clogged toilet*
where is my angel in disguise when i need him?
please come, save me from this hurt.
Thursday, November 12, 2009
Title : First Day of Tomorrow & So.
Time : 3:40 PM

Isn't it stressing? Knowing that school just ended.. & we ain't ever gonna turn back again, we CANNOT be form 3s' anymore. God. Anyhoo This would be another amazing chapter in my life,
The Last Day Of Form 3: They had this DJ's Got Talent crap. My bestfriend♥ Kristie chew She and Gabrina was awesome. Ballerinas` with the tutu and everything.,
This also means that his exams, okay not only that, his graduation is coming. in fact; it's tomorrow. He's leaving me. Left in this school, the place where we built our memories.
He's a big boy now. He finally spread his wings'
For now, he just gotta learn to fly.
Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Title :
Time : 6:07 PM

Dear Father,
Please bless that he will have the wisdom and strength to apply his knowledge in his up coming exam. He has been trying, and i know he deserves this. He means a lot to me dear Lord, please do everything in your power to help him, guide him, to reach his goals and aims. Be his light when he's in the dark, show him, point the way to a wiser decision. For I myself know, he can do it. And everyone, including him deserves a second chance. He can make it, i promise you. Father, you just have to believe in him the way I believe in him, then you'll see that he is really worth blessing. Once again, please hold his future in a promising place, you and i both know that he deserves it all. Thank you for time and graceful hope.
Friday, October 30, 2009
Title : Love is a strong word;
Time : 9:15 PM

The idea of life is not counting the days you live but living the days you count.
In one sentence i can sum up life:
We learn to jump without falling, to speak without talking, and to mend a broken heart thus finally learning to live.
Each day should be left only with a smile while each smile should be left to everyday.
I grow everyday. i am deep. hard to be understood but if you try finding me, i you will find.
tomorrow is the day we become whole once again.
I dedicate it to you. My fairytale prince, Fine lover;:
Saturday, September 26, 2009
Title : Murderer;
Time : 11:49 AM

if i collected all the tears i shed for you, you would see that i cried you a river that lead to my heart, where colourful things ran wild and free, and the core where all things good start. this is the synopsis of my fairytale book, where it all came to life everything what he fears, the one sentence that describe it all to us, a relationship begins with a smile that turns into a kiss finally finishes with those tears. xoxo
Friday, July 24, 2009
Title : i never knew are three words.;
Time : 5:08 PM

many words can make up for these three words.:
`i promise you `kiss me please `i need you ` i'll see you `laugh with me `you are mine `smile at me `you're my heartbeat `dreaming of you `i'll protect you `never leave me `whatever you say `fly and high `be with me `tell me already `catch me forever `forever and always
and my favourite:-
`i love you
Monday, June 22, 2009
Title : love is not only a four letter word;
Time : 3:40 PM

Heard of Edward Cullen?
-uber hunky
-bust ass romantic
-a movie star
-great smile
This is Edward Cullen.
And this is My Edward Cullen.
Heard of Him?
-equally as hunky
-equally as bust ass romantic
-equally a movie star (at least, my movie )
-equally have a great smile
p.s- maybe even alil bit more.
Sunday, June 21, 2009
Title : my second love letter;
Time : 12:11 PM

when i'm in my pain only do i realize how much i rely on that one person,
that one open shoulder to cry on.
you may cause all my hurt but what would be the use,
when you're also my medicine.
i try in every way possible to ignore my negativity.
for never in my days i picture you leaving me.
but i'm weak and may let go.
i need you to help pull me back sometimes.
because after everything, after every rain fall,
over every rainbow,
you're still the one i find with your hand in mine,
you lips on my forehead, and arms around my waist.
nothing beats the feeling when i know
no matter where i stand you're one step behind me,
no matter what i do you'll protect me.
i won't say that you're like a personal brand of drugs for me
but i'll tell you one thing,
you're like a tailor made pull over.
you keep me warm,
wrap me tight
and always there when i need you.
Cannot be bought,
rarely found
and belongs only to me.
i'd learn a thousand different languages to say i love you
but i'm most familiar to just saying 
those three words
you hear everyday and i will go on telling you so forever.
no matter how long forever may be.
i love you.
p.s- pull over means jacket or a hoodie. (of those sort)
Wednesday, February 25, 2009
Title : nothing i can say to change that;
Time : 4:47 PM

long i haven't blog. sorry ;/
but i haven't forgotten about you people out there.
here's a dedication to all the ladies out there.
it's a sweet old song called When I See You Smile by Bad English.
;D awesome hit single.
LYRICS: Sometimes I wonder how I'd ever make it though
Through this world without having you
I just wouldn't have a clue
Cause sometime it seems like this world's closing in on me
And there's no way of breaking free
And then I see you reach for me
Sometimes I wanna give up, wanna give in, I wanna quit the fight
And then I see you baby, and everything's alright, everything's alright
When I see you smile, I can face the world ooh
You know I can do anything
When I see you smile, I see a ray of light ooh
I see it shining right through the rain
When I see you smile
Baby when I see you smile at me
Oh yeah Baby there nothing in this world that could ever do, what the touch of your hand can do
It's like nothing that I ever knew
And when then rain is falling, I can feel it, cause you're here with me now
And one look at ya baby
It's all I'll ever need
It's all I'll ever need
When I see you smile, I can face the world ooh
You know I can do anything
When I see you smile, I see a ray of light ooh
I see it shining right through the rain
When I see you smile
Baby when I see you smile at me
Sometimes I wanna give up, I wanna give in, I wanna quit the fight
Then one look at ya baby and everything's alright, yeah, everything's alright
So right
When I see you smile, I can face the world ooh
You know I can do anything, yeah
When I see you smile, I see a ray of light ooh
I see it shining right through the rain
When I see you smile, yeah I can face the world ooh
You know I can do anything
When I see you smile, oh yeah, baby when I see you, smile
Smile at me
i didn't forget about you guys too;
here's a song called I Need You by LeAnn Rimes
I don't need a lot of things
I can get by with nothing
Of all the blessings life can bring
I've always needed something
But I've got all I want
When it comes to loving you
You're my only reason
You're my only truth
I need you like water
Like breath, like rain
I need you like mercy
From heaven's gate
There's a freedom in your arms
That carries me through
I need you
You're the hope that moves me
To courage again
You're the love that rescues me
When the cold winds, rage
And it's so amazing
'Cause that's just how you are
And I can't turn back now
'Cause you've brought me too far
I need you like water
Like breath, like rain
I need you like mercy
From heaven's gate
There's a freedom in your arms
That carries me through
I need you
Oh yes I do
I need you like water
Like breath, like rain
I need you like mercy
From heaven's gate
There's a freedom in your arms
That carries me through
I need you
Oh yes I do
I need you
I need you
Love songs from beyond our time.
p.s- i'll stand by you, won't let nobody hurt you.
Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Title : beautiful boy;
Time : 10:26 PM

i may not be the favourite . of the flavors you wished for, . but you light up my life . when you walked through my door. . be true to your heart . songs of songs you like to hear, . i may not sing the right one . but i promise to always stay near. . i can but to show you . of all that i need to say, . i may not tell words you understand . instead i'll lead you the way. . jumping from dream to dream . wishing for that's in your mind, . i'm doing all i can to read your thoughts . thought i may not have find. . there's this part you can't deny . of the colours in my eye, . built a bridge to your heart . i love you so and till i die. .
haven't been blogging.
don't mind my laziness.
its not about all of you guys out there,
thinking 'what happen to nel's geli mushy stuff?'
it's about my darling my dear.;
i miss you right now.
;D hmm.
he said it represented
what we have
what we are,.
okay and now for you readers.
to make you happy.
tetetete (:
i haven't stop writing poems.
p.s dear, you're all i need.
another thing., i hate that i cant skip line. -.-
Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Title : crying my eyes out;
Time : 10:28 PM

all out of love, by air supply.

i was hunting for this song since the last i could recall.

and now that you're away.

i finally found it.

i'm not over it.

this is the lyrics;
I'm lying alone with my head on the phone
Thinking of you till it hurts
I know you hurt too, but what else can we do?
Tormented and torn apart
I wish I could carry your smile in my heart
For times when my life seems so low
It would make me believe what tomorrow could bring
When today doesn't really know, doesn't really know
I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you
I know you were right, believing for so long
I'm all out of love, what am I without you?
I can't be too late to say that I was so wrong
I want you to come back and carry me home
Away from these long lonely nights
I'm reaching for you, are you feeling it too?
Does the feeling seem oh so right?
What would you say, if I called on you now
Saying that I can't hold on
There's no easy way, it gets harder each day
Please love me or I'll be gone... I'll be gone
I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you
I know you were right, believing for so long
I'm all out of love, what am I without you?
I can't be too late to say that I was so wrong
What are you thinking of?
What are you thinking of?
What are you thinking of?
What are you thinking of?
I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you
I know you were right, believing for so long
I'm all out of love, what am I without you
I can't be too late to say that I was so wrong.
I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you
I know you were right.
that song linked me to this song,
two less lonely people in the world;
I was down my dreams were wearing thin
When you're lost where do you begin
My heart always seemed to drift from day to day
Looking for the love that never came my way
Then you smiled and I reached out to you
I could tell you were lonely too
One look and then it all began for you and me
The moment that we touched I knew that there would be
  Two less lonely people in the world
And it's gonna be fine
Out of all the people in the world
I just can't believe you're mine
In my life where everything was wrong
Something finally went right
Now there's two less lonely people
In the world tonight
Just to think what I might have missed
Looking back how did I exist
I dreamed, still I never thought I'd come this far
But miracles come true, I know 'cause here we are
  Two less lonely people in the world
And it's gonna be fine
Out of all the people in the world
I just can't believe you're mine
In my life where everything was wrong
Something finally went right
Now there's two less lonely people
In the world tonight
Tonight I fell in love with you
And all the things I never knew
Seemed to come to me somehow
Baby, love is here and now there's
  Two less lonely people in the world
And it's gonna be fine
Out of all the people in the world
I just can't believe you're mine
In my life where everything was wrong
Something finally went right
Now there's two less lonely people
In the world tonight.
you cut me when i wanted to say,..
*by the way, happy new year*
p.s-without me.
Wednesday, December 24, 2008
Title : superhuman, nothing can stop us tonight;
Time : 5:11 PM


brings many meaning.


many indeed.


(i sound gay)


how ever.


time after time,

isn't it amazing.

how no matter how many times we're together

doing the exact same thing.

i'll never be sick of it.


time after time,

our 3 hour phone calls 

talking about whatever;

now i feel so



time after time,

all the walking around we did.

never gets old,

don't you think slick?

i never gave myself to another the way i gave it to you.

time after time.

you're the reason for the air i breathe

for the colours that i see

for the strength i have to laugh

for all that i am right now.


but in the end

what matters is that

i love you.


p.s' understanding my mistakes.

Friday, December 19, 2008
Title : there's a pain in my heart and i just can't stop it;
Time : 10:32 PM

forever and always.

look out my window

pattering rain drops.

forever and always:

only the sun's bright ray

piercing through the glass pane.


a plain sight of white wall

splashing dashes of nothing

forever and always:

nothing magically turns tech

pouring in colours beyond imagined.


beatings of a heart

silent, unheard to us both

forever and always:

no, you're too far yet still close

music to my ears, your voice.



when you said forever and always.

p.s' remember the name.

Saturday, December 6, 2008
Title : i'd listen to her cause i know how it hurts;
Time : 11:43 AM

gotta make a few decisions,
stay home and dream of you
go out and have fun with my family
i think i'd rather....
go over to your place and stone
you come over and we laugh all day
i'd always be with you.
i miss you when you're away,
i miss you when you're around.
i miss you just all the time.

picture caption: haha.

p.s' - zou meh ta gor? ;P

Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Title : shalalala bringing in the love;
Time : 9:52 PM

Oh yeah yes
La da day, la da day
La da da da da oh
Thinking how the story goes
You're helpless and I'm wishing
Put the film inside my mind
But there's a big scene that I'm missing
As I re-read my lines
I think I said this, I should've said that
Did you edit me out of your mind
'Cos in a flash you had disappeared, gone (gone)
Before the curtain falls
And we act this out again
Maybe I should risk it all and state
That I'm officially going on the record
To say I'm in love with you
I'm officially everything you hope that I would be
This time I'll tell the truth
I'm officially wrong I know
For letting you go the way I did
Unconditionally more than I ever was before
I'm officially yours
La da day, la da day
La da da da da oh
Travelling down this road again
Gotta make a few decisions
Don't want you to feel this hurt again
That's why I'm hoping that you'll listen
If you let me press rewind
I'll rehearse every word I should have said
'Cos girl I'm ready to make things right
Here on this stage so we can move on (on)
And before the curtain falls
And we act this out again
Missing pieces I'll resolve so stay
I'm officially going on the record
To say I'm in love with you
I'm officially everything you hope that I would be
This time I'll tell the truth
I'm officially wrong I know
For letting you go the way I did
Unconditionally more than I ever was before
Things I should have said
Like I appreciate the time that I spend with you
Inspire me with the smile I put on your pretty face
My world comes alive, now I know (now I know it babe)
This time I'm not letting go
'Cos I'm officially yours (oh oh)
Officially everything you hope that I would be
This time I'll tell the truth
I'm officially wrong I know
For letting you go the way I did
Unconditionally more than I ever was before
I'm officially going on the record
To say I'm in love with you
I'm officially everything you hope that I would be
This time I'll tell the truth
I'm officially wrong I know
For letting you go the way I did
Unconditionally more than I ever was before
Girl I'm unconditionally yours (oh yeah)
Officially yours, your man (La da day, la da day, la da day)
Girl I'm unconditionally yours (La da da da da oh)
Officially yours, I am
Girl I'm unconditionally yours (listen what I'm trying to say)
Officially yours, your man (oh oh)
Girl I'm unconditionally yours
Officially yours, I am..

OMG. officially yours by craig david.

darling, i'm in love with you. and i'll never let go.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Title : my reply dear lover;
Time : 6:43 PM

i did a lot that day babe. but the thing i did most was missing you. though i saw you in the morning, that is NEVER enough. my day was really suffering. without you. i need you.
but i learnt something that morning.
Just when I thought it was that particular time
when you open my room door at 7 in the morning
and lay next to me, falling asleep.
I always thought that that was perfect,
that made me whole.
But no, that day; that morning at that time.
It wasn’t it; it was actually the moment after that.
When I wake up and see you asleep holding me.
It was then, that second.
When I knew it was perfection.
. . .
Not when you come and rest your head next to me.
It’s when I wake up in your arms.
The feeling that I feel. How really safe I am.
Thanks for always staying by me, wrapping your arms around me.
the protection i have.
and it's all at that time
after i awake.
to your breathing on my cheek.
thank you dear, for everything you ever given me
right down to every step you took for me.
p.s- mirrors.
Saturday, November 22, 2008
Title : what dreams are made of;
Time : 8:27 PM

a dream is a wish your heart makes.

ever wonder how dreams are?

i mean as in real dreams,

those you have when you dream at night.

dreams take us into a world of..

wishes, whimsy & what-ifs.

Dreams are:

that jolting from a sleep by a chorus or series of imaginations;

a lightning bolt of idea springs alive while day dreaming;

and the really good feeling when your dream comes true.


so now you know what dreams are.

lemme tell you what my dreams are:

but i guess it's pretty obvious right?

got something to do with my *crush*

my boyfriend, my slick;



i love you

my dreams 

more like my DREAM

just one,

is you.

and that includes my segment on dreams.


a little poem for my love bug`

i can listen to my blood flow

my pounding heart beats harder

my solid mind falls deeply apart

thus nothing else could matter,

the wound was never that deep

but sadly the pain multiplies

and confusion rains pouring heavily

i couldn't think of anything wise,

was i wrong to worry and ponder

for i needed the satisfaction

and somehow nothing i expected

no where near perfection,

it is merely a factor

of my regardless meaning

my believes that meant everything

wasn't about to start but was ending,

and i'm amazed to say

when i'm staring at the night star

the realization that i still need you

and the way that we are.

p.s' boohoo, too bad ya.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Title : where we'll meet;
Time : 10:25 AM

i was going through some random books around my house,

then i came across this book about NUMEROLOGY. (the study of numbers)

it was quite interesting well, turns out i'ma number 8
my sweetheart is a number 9 (:
Facts bout number 8s' :
this is one of the most difficult numbers to understand. (figures ;P) like number 4, number 8 people are often the opposite to what is supposed. generally, number 8s are very misunderstood. often appearing cold on the surface but are very warm underneath. deeply passionate but needing the right partner to "light the fuse" (whats that suppose to mean man ;D). number 8s are usually conservative and with matters of the heart its case of "a time and place for everything", not wanting to demonstrate their emotions in public! (haha xD) this is a very potent and ardent number, but as said earlier, needs someone to "light the fuse" (crap this thing (: ). number 8s are very reliable and can be counted on in times of emergency (more i like it :D). if they love you, they love you deeply. if they hate you, they'll hate you for eternity, making good friends but bad enemies. (cruel-nya) always, when confronted by this number be aware of the wheels of fate. most number 8s find themselves "children of destiny" meaning their lives are seemingly "mapped out" for them (this made me peed' xP). number 8s often find themselves unable to relax in strange company. entertaining them, you never know whether they are enjoying themselves or not. when you are being entertained by a number 8, you'll feel that they are being to attentive (werd?), fussing over you, making sure you're comfortable but making you uncomfortable by hovering over you (is this true bi? D: ). to be sure, they will make you welcome but in their enthusiasm to make you feel welcome, you tend to feel that your presence has created too much work for the number 8. like stated, this number is often misunderstood.
well, i feel like its kinda true ;D
just kinda.
and now let us analyse number 9:
here you have number of action. number 9s never seem to be still very long. this number "vibrates" with the planet mars and all number 9s seem to be active in one way or another. great fighters for any excuse they believe in. this is a highly sexual number, can be very sincere but needs to feel free. number 9s likes to be looked up to. number 9s seem to always be ready to have sex at any moment. (walau wei ;DD) not for them is the conservative "a time and a place" of the number 8. (ouch, i'm hurt bi) they will be generous to those they love, often giving their mate little gifts. they will at times be a little "blunt", being truthful too often will get them into hot water! `try being gentler in handling those you love. (i think you're good at it) number 9s will find themselves able to adapt to most other numbers but other numbers may not be able to adapt to the number 9. enemies in life will be made, therefore be careful of those you threat on. number 9s often lead lives that are "larger than life" to the ordinary people around them. there will be a tendency to be a bit of a teacher. number 9s like to organise. like to be the boss. (ya meh?? (: ) capable of taking on larger responsibilities. organisation seems to come natural to number 9s but they won't be bothered by petty details, leaving it to others that are more suited. when in the company of number 9s, either for a quiet drink or for dinner, lunch or bbq, expect the conversations to become quite heated. number 9s love debates, arguments etc. one thing is for sure, if you get a few number 9s together don't expect things to be quiet... forget it! (haha ;DD) of all numbers, this number seems to "ruffle the feather" of those around them. be very wary of family gathering when arranging things for number 9. strange, but very true. a number 9 person seems to create problems with either the family they are born into or the family they marry into. (oh myy) this statement is found to be very accurate.
i think it's sorta true,
just sorta (:
and now the compatibilities between the numbers:
number 8 and number 9, me and my darling.
can make a good partnership provided jealousies are overcome. the number 8 is inclined to be conservative, the number 9 inclined to be flamboyant. lessons learnt the hard way. if the relationship is a deep one, then it is likely to last. frustration can occur.
omg, how accurate is that?
just kinda, sorta ;D
but hey, we'll last (:
p.s' UH sucks, but i still went.
Thursday, November 13, 2008
Title : hoping you call me;
Time : 6:39 PM

let's never let go.
cause i always feel the distance when you're away.
Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Title : yeah, it's you;
Time : 5:00 PM

darling, i love you
you make me smile
you make me laugh
you make my heart beat;
i truly do adore you
slick you make me drool,
i'm head over heals for you
till heaven cries.
you are so drop dead hot`

Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Title : check mate;
Time : 3:01 PM

thank you (:
i love you`
never knew you cared that deeply,
till, well, when you did.
never felt so beat up and sick in my life since yesterday
and thank God
i've got you by my side
i can barely feel anything nor see anything
and the saddest part was not being able to see you.
i can tell you love me,
you do right angel?
i hope i wasn't a pain to you
i think i cried,
but not funny la
the pain was killing me HARD.
and my h e r o wiped of my tears for me;
;D i'm okay now thanks to you.
so a tiny dedication to you, to my CURE
a song called Anyone Else But You by Ellen Page
(omg, it's damn cute bi)
You're a part time lover and a full time friend
The monkey on you're back is the latest trend
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you
Here is the church and here is the steeple
We sure are cute for two ugly people
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you
We both have shiny happy fits of rage
I want more fans, you want more stage
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you
You are always trying to keep it real
I'm in love with how you feel
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you
I kiss you on the brain in the shadow of a train
I kiss you all starry eyed, my body's swinging from side to side
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you
The pebbles forgive me, the trees forgive me
So why can't, you forgive me?
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you
Du du du du du du dudu
Du du du du du du dudu
I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you
p.s' the music in me.
Sunday, November 9, 2008
Title : morning hugs;
Time : 2:50 PM



"will you still love me in the morning?"

"what do you think?"

"erm, maybe?"

"of course i will, like every other morning for the rest of my life"

my favourite dialog with me and my eye candy.

"so later who's fetching you back?"

"kok weng ma"

"oh really? he coming later?"

"yeah he is"

"then he take cab just to take you home?"

"uhhuh, he wanted to."

"wah, he so sweet wan, and so good to you"


me & emily was talking.

"oh babe, i've got something to tell you"

"yeah nel?"

"guess what?"

"erm, guy thing?"

"smart guess"

"okay, in that case, tell me!"

"i'm with kay doubliew"

"oh, am i suppose to be surprised?"

"you're not?"

"i always knew you and him will end up together"

conversation between me and vic that i'll never forget.

slick, do you know how good it feels like when i'm down and you pick me up and hold me tight? do you know how good it feels like when i wake up to you walking into my room at 7 in the morning? do you know how good it feels like knowing no matter how i look like you still think i'm beautiful? do you know how good it feels like when you tell me you love me and mean it? do you know how good it feels like to always find you by my side? do you know how good it feels, do you? 

i hope you do, cause i do. 

p.s' it's yesterday once more.

Saturday, November 8, 2008
Title : fall in my arms now;
Time : 11:52 AM


and we go like whoa..

well, exams are over

& the holidays are on the way.

i planned it all out slick,

me, you and the ground at our feet;

midnight calls (check)

shopping (check)

laughing (check)

fun (check)

dates (check)

sneaking in (check)

sneaking out (don't need la)



thank you, you pointing at me?

well well well,

you think i didn't plan it out huh?

but i did.

so there.;

and you better not ruin my plans

cause it's you and me against the universe babe. 

p.s- bathing with soaps.

Thursday, November 6, 2008
Title : nothing but your t-shirt on;
Time : 11:32 AM

current mood: sugar rush-ing
oh my god
my history paper,
was a bummer 
end up thinking through our history;
(not a surprise)
then lalala,
what if i can't have you
there's noone else i'd rather want
but as long as there is you
there's no such thing as a can't.
my new concept
breathe breathe`
*smiling at the ceiling thinking of..
 (a) your smell
 (b) your eyes
 (c) laughing at you (good times)
random, but the song music in me by HSM2 was ringing in my head.
and right now T-SHIRT BY SHONTELLE
rules my mind,
'and then i said in bed i lay with nothing but your t-shirt on'
oh and slick, *wink wink*
by the way, this is the first time i blog so casual right?
lets celebrate ;D
my new way of
*exposing my life*
oh oh oh,
and i'm also currently into 
"the king of  pop"
(drum rolls please?)
Sir Micheal Jackson
i know what you're thinking,
waddap with nel?!
well my one explaination,
i've shalalala falling in love over and over again.
p.s- nothing feel's right when i'm not with you